Clayton County Family Divorce Lawyer

Clayton County Divorce Attorney

The traumatic experience of having to go through a divorce can be difficult and it is advisable to have legal representation through the process. Having legal counsel can make a  difference that will effect your life in regards to custody, child support obligations, visitation and financial stability.

The Law Firm of Johnny Ramirez Castaneda provides legal services for those in need of:

1) Divorce – Contested or Uncontested.

2) Custody- Whether in the original divorce action or in a subsequent modification action.

3) Child Support – Advancing your position in the divorce action. depending on who we represent, we either litigate to increase or decrease  the final amount of child support that will be in the final divorce decree order. In the event the financial situation of the parties to the divorce change, we either argue to increase the amount due or decrease the amount owed, it depends on who we represent.

4) Contempt Actions – If you encounter a situation where your former spouse is in violation of the divorce order, you can bring them into to court under a contempt action. Our firm has brought contempt petitions and we also defend clients who are facing a contempt action.

5) Visitation Issues – We have assisted clients in getting visitation increased or decreased.

6) TPO (Temporary Protective Order) – We have helped clients file and litigate TPO’s.  We also defend clients against TPO actions

7) Legitimization – We help fathers establish custody and visitation rights for children born out of wedlock. We also represent mothers who contest legitimization actions.

 The Firm strives to obtain a fair and equitable resolution to your case.