Personal Injury

Sustaining a personal injury affects not only the victim themselves but can also have a dramatic effect on their loved ones. Personal injuries often result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. Typically the person’s ability to financially support themselves and their families is affected. This injury contributes to long term emotional and physical trauma. Each personal injury case is unique. It is to your advantage to obtain a fair settlement. Your settlement has to account for all of your future injury related problems. Once your settlement is paid, you cannot go back for more money later. The Insurance Company has a policy in place to pay you the least amount of money for your claim. They have full time people, getting paid every week, to ensure you get the least amount of money for your claim. Their staff gets bonuses for not paying out large settlements.

The Law Firm of Johnny Ramirez Castaneda  provides its clients with the legal representation needed in handling your personal injury case. Our firm has a long standing tradition for being a caring and compassionate firm with success in obtaining fair of settlements for our clients. Our Law Firm will effectively pursue a fair settlement in your personal injury case.