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Johnny R. Castaneda

Johnny R. Castaneda, Attorny in Law

As founder of The Castaneda Law Firm, P.C., Johnny R. Castaneda has been practicing law in the areas of criminal law, family law, personal injury and worker’s compensation law since 1999. Mr. Castaneda is a graduate of John Marshall Law School in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Castaneda has a B.S.B.A. degree from Colorado State University and an MBA from Cleveland State University. His practice has successfully secured favorable resolutions in criminal law, family law, personal injury and Worker’s Compensation cases.

Mr. Castaneda has handled thousands of cases. He has taken cases from the beginning to resolution. On occasion, he has been brought in to take over cases that other attorneys have had little success with and through his experience and negotiating skills has obtained favorable settlements for his clients. His legal skills and vast experience has resulted in the dismissal of criminal charges, all they way up to and through not guilty jury trial verdicts for his clients. He has turned difficult Worker’s Compensation cases into satisfactory settlements for his clients. He has taken on complex and difficult family law issues and steadfastly resolved the issues amicably for his clients. In the area of personal injury he has relentlessly worked towards increasing the settlement value of his client’s cases.


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Latest Success

Client bought items at the store and store cashier neglected to ring up some of the items, Client was subsequently charged with shoplifting. We prepared this case for trial. Just prior to trial these charges were dismissed.
Client injured on the job, Employer denied that Client injured on the job despite the fact that the ambulance picked client up from the job site, Client’s previous attorney had negotiated a 10k settlement. Our firm entered the case two years later, we prepared the case for trial, prior to trial we settled for 50K.
Client charged with Battery, this case was called in for trial, just prior to trial all charges against client were dismissed.
Client charged with violation of felony probation, for failure to report, failure to pay as directed, new violation of criminal law. We negotiated a disposition in which client was only required to pay a fine, terminate probation and to have the first offender status kept intact so that client would not have a felony criminal conviction record.
Client went to a pool hall, Client order drinks and food, the manager then got into a physical confrontation with Client. Client was beaten and humiliated in front of his family. This case was prepared for trial and was settled for an undisclosed amount.
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